BuzzBGone Reviews 2020: A Breakthrough Insect Zapper Introduced

Mosquito bites leave the skin swollen and itchy. The worst part is that the more the skin is itched at that part, the worse it gets. To counter this, several mosquito repellent products have been made but each of them has its flaws.

Well, until now as there is a new product that claims to make a person’s life mosquito-free without any side effects. It is called BuzzBGone. Let us take a detailed look at its specifications and find out if it is worth buying.

The device’s compact and portable design makes it an on-the-go mosquito repellent, allowing it to keep users safe. The device is lightweight, which makes it excellent for vacations or to carry around anywhere you go.

Buzz B Gone insect zapper works wirelessly and is chargeable through its USB port. The USB port feature makes the device super easy to charge on the go, as it can even be charged through a power bank.

The device contains a 360-degree robust fan strong enough to suck in any insect that comes even near it. This allows the device to protect an entire room from insects.


BuzzBGone retains all the effectiveness of its rival products and leaves behind its flaws. Here are some of its highlighted features:

Form Factor: The BuzzBGone features a relatively small form factor, about the size of a large Bluetooth speaker. This means that it can easily be carried around and used in multiple places rather than being just fixed in one place. This also means that, when being used indoors, it won’t be taking up much space.

Safe Operation: Like electric zappers, mosquitoes are attracted by a UV light on the outside of the device. However, from there onwards, things change as a strong fan sucks the mosquitoes inside, where they are trapped and cannot escape. That makes it safe as there are no toxic fumes, smoke, or even an electric shock is involved.

Easy to Operate and Clean: There is an almost nonexistent learning curve to set up and work the BuzzBGone. All it needs is to be plugged in via a USB Port to a power source and it starts working. Once it has done its job, the bottom part can be screwed open to reveal the mosquitoes that have died of dehydration. They just need to be thrown out and it is cleaned.

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